War Museums in Estonia

Vaivara Sinimäed Museum

Location Roheline 19D, Sinimäe, Ida-Viru County
59.372611, 27.873571
tel +372 392 4634
+372 5647 4552
e-mail muuseum@vaivara.ee
www www.sinimagedemuuseum.ee

The museum is located in the renovated granary and smithy of Vaivara Manor. The exhibition is dedicated to the 1944 battles on the River Narva and in the Sini­mäed Hills and includes weapons, uniforms, personal belongings of soldiers, war-time photographs, propa­ganda posters of warring parties, etc. History films and documentary clips can be watched on the big screen. Despite this gloomy topic, the structure of the exhibition is family-centred: while parents focus on a more detailed study of the exhibits, younger visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience with some of the items – this is allowed at our museum. Taking photographs requires special permission.
While the permanent exhibition at the museum focuses mainly on the 1944 battles, our guides and tour instructors have broader expertise that includes nature tourism, military history and cultural history.