War Museums in Estonia

Military Equipment Museum of Saaremaa

Location Laadamäe, Põripõllu village, Saaremaa
58°32′48.79″, 23°4′31.46″
Opening hours
Admission 5 EUR
students, pensioners 3 EUR
family 8 EUR(up to 2 adults and their underage children)
Pre-school children, disabled and veterans free of charge
Guided tours in Estonian and Russian 15 EUR/hour, in English and Finnish upon prior booking 15 EUR/hour
tel +372 5649 3493
+372 454 5095
e-post info@sojavaramuuseum.ee
www www.sojavaramuuseum.ee
Additional services organisation of battle enactments, repairs and the deactivation of weapons, restoration works

The non-profit association Saaremaa Sõjavara Selts was established in 2007 by merging several private collections. The main aim of the association was to develop the Military Equipment Museum of Saaremaa into a multifunctional visitor centre introducing wars fought in Estonia during the 20th century. The museum is located in a Soviet-era farm building and the visiting environment is basic, as the association has so far not procured sufficient funding to reconstruct the building. The museum’s collection comprises 12,000 exhibits, and 7,000 of these are on display.