War Museums in Estonia

Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum

Location Mõisa tee 1, Viimsi, Harjumaa
59.50148, 24.834679
tel +372 621 7410
e-mail info@esm.ee
www www.esm.ee

The Estonian War Museum was established in 1919 and restored in 2001 as the Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum. According to the museum’s statutes, its area of activity includes locating, collecting, preserving, studying and publicly displaying items and materials related to Estonian military history, as well as researching military history and developing international relations with other similar institutions.
Today, the Estonian War Museum collects, preserves, researches and exhibits Estonian military history and cultural heritage. It is also commissioned with recording the history of the Estonian Defence Forces on an on-going basis, educating members of the Defence Forces, national defence teachers, students and the wider public on military history, publishing scientific and popular science books on military history, cooperating with war museums and military history research centres in Estonia and abroad, and many other functions.