War Museums in Estonia

Jõgewa Museum

Location Tallinn Road 15d, Jõgeva
58°44′28.98″, 26°21′52.52″
Opening hours upon prior notice 1 May to 31 August Wed–Sun 11:00–16:00
Admission 5 EUR adults
3 EUR children
Guided tours 20 EUR upon prior booking (Estonian, English, Russian)
tel +372 510 4191
e-mail mtupommiauk@gmail.com
www www.pommiauk.ee
Additional services we offer schools an opportunity to conduct history lessons at the museum.
The museum also provides accommodation in the guesthouse and features a glass studio. Our services include the deactivation of weapons and checking the conformity of weapons incapable of firing with the Weapons Act

The exhibition at Jõgewa Museum mainly covers the period from 1900 to 1945 in Jõgeva County – the Estonian War of Independence, the period of independence of the Republic of Estonia, people’s biographies and everyday life. Weapons used in WWII and post-war events in Jõgeva County form an important part of the exhibition.
The museum offers accommodation in the guest­house. At the glass studio, visitors can study glass art and make a beautiful glass souvenir.